We Are SMPS Maryland

  • Sara Goins, CPSM
    Sara Goins, CPSM
    Associate, Director of Marketing
    Floura Teeter Landscape Architects
  • Korey Rubeling, CPSM
    Korey Rubeling, CPSM
    Past President & Mentorship
    Business Development Manager
    Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates
  • Kaitlin Pravetz
    Kaitlin Pravetz
    President Elect, Director of Programs
    Associate, Business Development Manager
    GWWO, Inc./Architects
  • Kiersten Howe
    Kiersten Howe
    Associate, Marketing Manager
    GWWO, Inc./Architects
  • Rachel Collier, CPSM
    Rachel Collier, CPSM
    Senior Marketing Associate
    Century Engineering
  • Vanessa Zawodny, CPSM, LEED Green Associate
    Vanessa Zawodny, CPSM, LEED Green Associate
    Co-Director of Communications
    Marketing & Business Development
    Design Collective
  • Cynthia Stuber
    Cynthia Stuber
    Co-Director of Communications
    Marketing Director
    Penza Bailey Architects
  • Katie Lund
    Katie Lund
    Director of Membership
    Marketing Manager
    Weigand Associates
  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith
    Director of Special Events
    Business Development Manager
    ECS Mid-Atlantic
  • Julia Webster, CPSM
    Julia Webster, CPSM
    Director of Education
    Marketing Manager
  • Kelly Golden
    Kelly Golden
    Director of Sponsorship
    Marketing Coordinator
    Gale Associates
  • Heather Rustici
    Heather Rustici
    Vice President
    Jeffrey Brown Contracting

Senior Advisory Council (SAC)

The Senior Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of Past Presidents of the Chapter and SMPS Maryland members with 15+ years of continuous membership. The SAC provides advisory to the Board of Directors on short and long-term strategic goals.

  • Jessica Bryce
    Director of Business Development
    Mueller Associates

  • Ida Cheinman
    Principal & Creative Director

  • Catherine DeWitt, CPSM
    Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates

  • Katelin Etoh, CPSM
    Ziger/Snead Architects

  • Mindy Hinsley, CPSM
    Hinsley Collective

  • Lisa Julian-Miller, CPSM
    Independent Marketing Consultant

  • Nichole McGuire
    Marketing Manager
    Cho Benn Holback, A Quinn Evans Company

  • Ree Miskimon, CPSM
    Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Amy Morrison-Baker
    Regional Marketing Manager
    STV Incorporated

  • M. Joann Petillo
    Senior Vice President
    Schnabel Engineering

  • Korey Rubeling, CPSM
    Business Development Manager
    Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates

  • Laura Werther, CPSM
    GWWO, Inc./Architects

  • Carrie Ann Williams, CPSM
    Andana Consulting

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